Two Squares Seating Arrangement [High Level] Reasoning Test

Directions (1-3): In these questions, a relationship between different elements is shown in the statements. The statements are followed by two conclusions.
Give answer:
1) If only conclusion I is true
2) If only conclusion II is true
3) If either conclusion I or II is true
4) If neither conclusion I nor II is true
5) If both conclusions I and II are true

1. Statement: W > O > N = D ≤ E = R
I. W > D
II. R > N

2. Statement: P < Q = T > N , V < S < P
I. N > S
II. S < T

3. Statements: L = M > S > G, H < K = G
I. L > K
II. S > H

Directions (4 & 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the following questions:
In a certain code language "Maruti Suzuki India recall" is written as "pa ma sa ga",
"India spokesperson" is written as "ra ma",
"Cars unsold" is written as "na re",
"Maruti manufactures cars" is written as "sa ja na"
and "Suzuki informed manufactures" is written as "ga ja ta".

4. What will be the code for "Suzuki recall manufactures"?
1) ga pa na
2) sa ga pa
3) pa ja na
4) ga pa ja
5) ma sa ga

5. What may be the possible code for "Maruti manufactures cars only" in the given code language?
1) sa ja na ha
2) sa ja ta te
3) sa na ta re
4) sa pa ja ta
5) Can't be determined

Directions (6 - 10): Read the following (tough 2 squares in out sitting arrangement) information carefully and answer the questions that follow:
Twelve friends are sitting in two squares. One square is inside another. Ravi, Praveen, Suri, Suma, Raju and Robert are in the outer square facing inward. Smith, Chandra, Audhi, John, Balu and Jacob are sitting in the inner square facing outward. They all are sitting in such a way that in each square four persons are sitting in the middle of the sides and two persons are sitting on diagonally opposite corners. Each friend in the inner square is facing another friend of the outer square. There are exactly two persons sitting between Ravi and Raju. Balu sits second to the left of Smith. Suri is on the immediate left of the one who is facing Smith. Neither Balu nor Smith faces either Raju or Ravi. Suma is facing Jacob and Praveen is not opposite Suri in the outer square. Raju is not sitting adjacent to Suma. Chandra is not facing Ravi. Between Chandra and John there are as many persons as between Suri and Robert. Ravi sits on any of the corner.

6. Who is sitting opposite Chandra?
1) Robert
2) Praveen
3) Raju
4) Data inadequate
5) None of the above

7. Robert is facing which of the following persons?
1) Balu
2) John
3) Smith
4) Data inadequate
5) None of the above

8. Who is sitting on the immediate left of Suri?
1) Smith
2) Suma
3) Ravi
4) Data inadequate
5) None of the above

9. Four of the five are alike in a certain manner. Select the one which is not similar to the other four.
1) Balu, Suri
2) Smith, Suma
3) John, Jacob
4) Jacob, Praveen
5) None of the above

10. Who is sitting second to the left of John?
1) Smith
2) Balu
3) Jacob
4) Data inadequate
5) None of the above

Two Squares Seating Arrangement Final Solution:
Two Squares Seating Arrangement [High Level] Reasoning Tough Test

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