Special Banking Awareness SBI PO 2016 Practice Questions

1. Bank's Assets are classified into standard assets, substandard assets, doubtful assets and loss assets based on the recommendations of _________ Committee.
a) Rangarajan
b) Narasimham
c) Ghosh
d) Tandon
e) RK Talwar

2. The Union Cabinet approved setting up the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) as a Public Limited Company under the Department of Posts in June 2016. What is the equity of Government of India in IPPB?
a) 33%
b) 49%
c) 51%
d) 74%
e) 100%

3. The World Bank has classified India as _______ economy.
a) Low-Income
b) High-Income
c) Lower-middle-Income
d) Upper-middle-Income
e) None of these

4. Which of the following has decided to set up IT Innovation Startup fund with a corpus of Rs. 200 crore for start-up in the Financial Technology (FinTech) space in June 2016?
a) Andhra Bank
b) Canara Bank
c) Punjab National Bank
d) State Bank of India
e) Bank of India

5. Which of the following launched India's first iris recognition powered tablet that can be used for various authentications - related process like e-KYC (Know Your Customer), e-sign and Other government services like Jan-Dhan Yojana and e-Citizen?
a) LG
b) Samsung
c) Toshiba
d) Dell
e) Apple

6. The Financial Development Index is published by which of the following organisations?
a) United Nation Development Organisation
b) World Health Organisation
c) World Economic Forum
d) United Nation Organisation
e) None of the above

7. CARE is a/an..?
a) Development Bank
b) Investment Bank
c) Credit Rating Agency
d) Share depository
e) None of the above

8. Which of the following are known as negotiable instrument?
a) Cheque
b) Bill of Exchange
c) Promissory notes
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

9. BCSBI (The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India) was set up as per the recommendations of the committee which was headed by:
a) M Damodaran
b) S S Tarapore
c) C S Murthy
d) R K Talwar
e) Narasimham

10. Which of the following ACT is useful in foreign exchange market?
b) BR ACT 1949
d) Negotiable Instrument
e) None of the above

11. When were the commercial papers first introduced?
a) 1999
b) 1898
c) 1990
d) 1989
e) None of These

12. Corporate Governance includes:
a) Regulatory governance
b) Market Governance
c) Stake holder governance
d) Internal Governance
e) All the above

13. Regardless of the mode of payment the Government of India has now (from 1st January, 2016) made it mandatory, to quote PAN (Permanent Account Number) for all transaction in excess of:
a) Rs. 2.50 lakh
b) Rs. 1.50 lakh
c) Rs. 3.00 lakh
d) Rs. 2.00 lakh
e) Rs. 1.75 lakh

14. PM Narendra Modi recently released the guidelines for operationalisation of the PMFBY at a "Kisan Kalyan Mela" Organised in the Indian state of:
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Haryana
c) Himachal Pradesh
d) Punjab
e) Madhya Pradesh

15. With a view to facilitate Japanese Corporate looking to invest in India, State Bank of India has recently launched a first-of-itskind initiative by setting up a "Japanese Desk". This "SBI - Japan Desk" is based in:
a) Tokyo
b) New Delhi
c) Kolkata
d) Yokohama
e) Mumbai

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