English Blanks Corrections Sentence Rearrangements SBI PO 2016

Directions (1 - 5): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake/error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence, mark the number of that part with error as your answer. If there is "No error", mark (5) as your answer.

1. He made some clich├ęd remark (1)/ about the birth (2)/ of his first child (3)/ complete changing his life. (4)/ No error (5)

2. Wine exports for the last 12 months (1)/ have continued (2)/ their meteoric rise (3)/ up 31 per cent to total $ 25 billion. (4)/ No error (5)

3. The state board of education (1)/ shall promulgate rules (2)/ regarding model school (3)/ district healthy dietician guidelines. (4)/ No error (5)

4. If the tigers are looked for an exit, (1)/ the current political tug of war in Colombo (2)/ could give them a tailor-made excuse (3)/ to scuttle the fragile peace bid. (4)/ No error (5)

5. Many second-rank leaders in Uttar Pradesh (1)/ have never been comfortable with him, (2)/ seeing him as an interloper (3)/ among socialist. (4)/ No error (5)

Directions (6 - 10): Each question below has a blank/ two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the word/ set of words from the five options for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

6. Today in an ambitious conservation step, work is on here at a ________ pace to bring back the Lord of the Jungle.
1) frantic
2) sluggish
3) deliberate
4) intentional
5) lethargic

7. Perhaps one of the _______ reasons to travel was to develop trade and commerce to ______ resources in other lands.
1) former; develop
2) further; improve
3) farther; nurture
4) known; energize
5) earliest; tap

8. The realization that knowledge is the new competitive resource has hit organizations like ________.
1) lighting
2) blow
3) lightening
4) discharge
5) detonation

9. The speed with which private engineering colleges are ________ all over the country is mind ________.
1) expanding; losing
2) growing; blasting
3) compressing; blowing
4) zooming; delivering
5) mushrooming; boggling

10. Happiness is a ________ concept, but there is no doubt that seeing and _______ nature is good for us.
1) index; developing
2) indicator; nurturing
3) mute; believing
4) sole; watching
5) moot; experiencing

Directions (11 - 15): Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in a proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below.
A) Thus begins the search for relief: painkillers, ice, yoga, herbs even surgery.
B) These symptoms are not addressed in the initial stages.
C) Most computer users develop disorders because they ignore warnings like tingling fingers, a numb hand or a sore shoulder.
D) They keep pointing and dragging until tendons chafe and scar tissue forms, along with bad habits that are almost impossible to change.
E) Procrastination thus is a big mistake which may cost them heavy sometimes.
F) But cures are elusive, because Repetitive Stress Injuries present a bag of ills that often defy easy diagnosis.

11. What is the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?
1) A
2) B
3) C
4) D
5) E

12. What is the THIRD sentence after rearrangement?
1) A
2) B
3) C
4) D
5) E

13. What is the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?
1) A
2) B
3) D
4) E
5) F

14. What is the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
1) B
2) A
3) C
4) D
5) E

15. What is the FIFTH sentence after rearrangement?
1) A
2) B
3) C
4) D
5) F

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