Reading Comprehension Cloze Test Tips and Tricks [How to]

Hi Friends as you all know Competitive exams have provided many aspiring candidates to get jobs in various public and private sectors. Candidates appearing for these exams are from various backgrounds and vernacular mediums are evening rising everyday, but so many aspirants are having trouble in English Section. English remained a thing of concern for many as they find it as a stumbling block in getting through the exam. At present world English has become inevitable. Also in many competitive exams it is made mandatory to go through the English language paper and thus it comes out as a challenge for such candidates who lack in English language skills. Hence, it is essential for these candidates to put extra effort on their preparation to score well and be victorious. The English language part consists of questions pertaining to various sections like, grammatical skills, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension.

The comprehension section demands a good reading and understanding capacity of the candidate. You are expected to go through the paragraph given, understand, analyse and derive meaning out of it. Before attempting any passage, skim it as it's very important to understand the tone of the author. It may be optimistic, pessimist, sarcastic, angry or contemplative. If you are able to understand what author is trying to say then there is high probability that you will mark right answers. The passage usually contains 10 questions related to the passage which include synonyms and antonyms of particular words from the paragraph that needs to be answered. If you find that questions are beyond the understanding you found from the passage, simply skip that question, never try to mark nearest answer. Mark the answer only if you are sure about it.

Few tips while attempting this section:

  1. First skim the passage that is given and get a brief idea.
  2. Read the questions first which helps to have an idea as you will be focused.
  3. Be focused Casual reading is not advisable and don't miss any detail while reading.
  4. Make a note of what you read which might help you while you come back in search of answers. (with practice you will be able to do it in no time)
  5. If doubt persists re-read the passage to make sure you understand it well before answering.
  6. Last and most important point is understand the Author's Tone and answer the questions based on author's opinion rather than your opinion. Don't imagine yourself like author and answer unnecessary questions that are not given in passage.

It is always essential to have a basic foundation in English which can be acquired by regular reading habits. Time management is crucial during the test. Use time saving techniques. In order to accomplish this you must become familiarize with the directions prior to taking the exam, and practice all the given exercises from this section.

  • Keep in mind that you need not dwell too long on any one question or become concerned that you have answered a previous question incorrectly.
  • Answer all questions by applying the techniques; keep track of any question that you may want to return to if you have enough time.
  • The most important thing is be confident and remember that you have prepared well. Relax and do the best you can.
Well coming to Cloze Test, here also you have to take a quick glance first and try to grasp the overview. Some contestants just read every sentence individually and answers them as like it they don't link it with passage's situation this is wrong. If you didn't got the required one to fill the blank just continue reading so that you may get answer alarmed in your brain while dealing others.

Finally be calm while writing exam especially for English trust me you will get through it for sure...

Here are few Practice Tests:

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