Tips to Crack Bank Job Interviews [How to Prepare]

Hi Friends Interview season is starting now is the time to prepare yourself for the upcoming interviews of RRB POs, Clerks, IBPS POs etc. Here are few Bank or Job Interview tips/tricks on How to Prepare for s Successful Interview that are shared below...

What is Interview and why it is conducted?
You can define it in many ways but simply it is a type of test to know whether the applicant is having the required qualities Organizations are seeking from him in a face-to-face conversation.

Follow these 5 steps to Crack Your Interview:
Before going to the steps make yourself ready with all required documents mentioned by the Organization and arrange them in proper way in a FILE. Yeah Don't Forget about the Dress code.

1. Entering into the Interview Room:
Most of the candidates thinks this as a war zone, race etc but it just a interview room nothing to be panic in that right. Now what to do and how to enter properly...
  • Check yourself Tip-to-Toe before going in.
  • Ask for their permission to enter like "Please May I Come In" or "May I Come In Please". After granting permission enter gently, also say Thank You for the one who opened door(If anyone is there to open door) this might come in handy trust me.
  • Make sure you shut the door behind you softly.
  • Face the Panel confidently and wish the members (Always wish Lady interviewer first).
  • If the members of the interview board want to shake hands, then offer a firm grip first maintaining eye contact and a smile (this happens rare in bank interviews).
  • Sit down only when asked to do so by the Panel and do that softly just sit back relax and put your file on your Lap. If the interviewers are standing, wait for them to sit down first before sitting. An alert interviewee would diffuse the tense situation with light-hearted humour and immediately set rapport with the interviewers.
2. Keep an Eye on your Enthusiasm or Attitude:

  • Just poking jokes making you laugh doesn't mean Interviewer are not alert towards you, remember they will be always in RED ALERT mode (I didn't mean to scare or tense you just be on your guard). 
  • The interviewer normally pays more attention if you display an enthusiasm in whatever you say.
  • This enthusiasm comes across in the energetic way you put forward your ideas. You should maintain a cheerful disposition throughout the interview, i.e. a pleasant countenance holds the interviewers interest.

3. A Little Humour can uplift you:

  • Yes, A little humour in the discussion occasionally enables the interviewers to look at the pleasant side of your personality but if it does not come naturally do not contrive it.
  • Injecting humour in to the situation doesn't mean that you should keep telling jokes or playing clown in room. It means to make a passing comment that, perhaps, makes the interviewer smile.

4. Keep Your Eye Contact:

  • Eye Contact, it is actually an easy task but when it comes to Interview maintaining it will be the hardest thing ever in entire Universe. Always Maintain eye contact with the Panel throughout the interview. This shows your self-confidence and honesty.
  • Many interviewees while answering, tend to look away. This conveys you are concealing your own anxiety, fear and lack of confidence.
  • Maintaining an eye contact is a difficult process. As the circumstances in an interview are different, the value of eye contact is tremendous in making a personal impact.

5. Be Yourself and Natural:

  • Many interviewees adopt themselves for stances which are not their natural self. It is amusing for interviewers when a candidate launches into an accent which he or she cannot sustain consistently through out the interview or adopt mannerisms that are inconsistent with his/her personality. Interviewers appreciate a natural person rather than an actor. It is always best for you to talk in natural manner than acting and ruing the chance.

These are few Important tips to crack Interview that I came up with. I will post Questions and other analysis about Interview later.

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