Cloze Test for Bank PO Clerk Exams English Language

Vizag faces the (1) of Cyclone Hudhud, city plunges into darkness after the cyclone hit the (2) at the Bheernli-Kailashgiri stretch on Sunday at 11.00 am. Several buildings in the area have been destroyed due to impact of the wind. Power supply (3) pushing the entire north coast of Andhra Pradesh into black out. Locals in Vizag reported that shattered glass windows of houses and offices were causing injuries to them.
Communication networks including phones and Internet have been cut (4). Meanwhile, panic has (5) the city and residents are living in constant fear. Several residential complexes faced the brunt of the cyclone after the winds reached 150-200 kmph. Complete (6) out since Saturday night has worsened the situation as people are left with no source of communication. "We can feel the apartment building shaking because of the strong winds. Window panes have cracked and despite the doors being closed, there is a fear that it might break open any minute. All the scooters that were parked in the apartment got swept away due to the severe impact of the wind," said a resident from Sitammadhara in Vizag. Affected people have (7) to social media to share photographs and videos of the disaster. People have also been (8) photographs and videos on,:, the Andhra Pradesh Disaster Management (9) page and the government is making (10) to reach through them by inquiring for the exact location of the place.

1. a) bore   b) music   c) brunt   d) heat   e) severity

2. a) coast   b) cost   c) beach   d) sand   e) tides

3. a) is been hit  b) has been hit  c) hits  d) hitting  e) has been hitting

4. a) of    b) up    c) upon    d) off    e) in

5. a) gripped    b) absorb    c) soaked   d) flood   e) awash

6. a) block   b) black   c) red   d) obstruct   e) wash

7. a) takes   b) take   c) taken   d) taking   e) talk

8. a) sharing   b) shares   c) likes   d) liking  e) shred

9. a) phasebook   b) facebook   c) sigh    d) site   e) design

10. a) effort   b) efforts   c) affront   d) afford   e) affect

  1. C
  2. A
  3. B
  4. D
  5. A
  6. B
  7. C
  8. A
  9. B
  10. B

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