Brief Notes on Green Smart Biometric Charge and Rupay Cards in Banks

Till now we are all familiar with Debit and Credit cards so instead discussing about them we come up with other cards which are important for upcoming exams...

1. Green Card:
  • Green Card is a kind of card given by the bank without pin number for using the card in Green channel banking branches (GCB means doing banking transaction by not using any kind of form/paper related products of the bank). 
  • Bank with Green Channel banking will have a machine called TRANS Machine, which will record the customer's payment, withdrawals, transfer of money etc.
  • Green card is also used by customer in CDM (Cash Depositing Machine) kept by banks in currency chest branches (a strong room constructed by any bank under RBI supervision for the purpose of keeping RBI cash, the bank can use the cash by paying interest to RBI)

2. Smart Card:
  • Smart card is a card given by any bank where there is special electronic chip for the purpose of Management Information System (MIS).
3. Biometric Card:
  • Biometric Card is a card given by the bank to the customer,which is useful to operate the ATM by putting thumb impression for Identification.
  • For example: Banks are giving Kisan Credit Card (KCC) which is a biometric card to the farmer for operating on ATM for withdrawing money.
4. Charge Card:
  • Charge Card is a card given by very large departmental stores like reliance fresh who are giving such cards to the customers who are doing business regularly.
  • Charge card will help the customer to take any item on credit from the store and payment can be made at the end of the month with the help of charge card.
5. RUPAY Card:
  • RUPAY card is a card which can be used as both debit & credit card i.e, it can be used for any account. It is issued by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) under Swadeshi RuPay platform.
  • This card is valid only in India. Can be used in ATMs and POS (Maximum withdraw limit varies for different banks).
  • All the people opening accounts under JAN DHAN YOJAN scheme are eligible for RUPAY card.

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